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Here's a list of the characters so far! As the story progresses I'll be putting up new profiles and/or adding to the characters descriptions.

Aria Dan

An 18 year old Psychology student, she's quite cheerful, optimistic (to a degree) and stubborn with a tendency to get annoyed a little too easily. Her mother is currently working abroad, her father died when she was 9 due to complications from an accident. Due to her mother's job, she usually transfers from city to city. At the moment, she's Silver's tenant (much to her sad dismay). A diabetic, she needs regular insulin to get through the day.


Silver Valiant

A 23 year old med student, and currently Aria's landlord. Smart, snide, and suave with a mischievous sense of humor, he enjoys tormenting Aria in so many little ways. However, he keeps most of his actual thoughts to himself, and rarely reveals a "good" side. He comes from a family of prominent doctors with much influence over the city. His name comes from the unique color of his hair, which is so light blonde it almost seems silver.


Sarah Mori

A 19 year old Political Science student, dreams of becoming a lawyer one day, and is Aria's friend. Calm and collected.. most of the time. Her father is a lawyer and her mother a head nurse in the VMC (Valiant Medical Center). Is heavily disliked in school by the girls due to some reason concerning Silver. Has some sort of history as well with Silver, as evidenced by the fact that he hates her guts for some reason.


Cecil Valiant

A 28 year old med student who's been retained in the same year for 3 consecutive years due to his... interesting.. understanding of medicine. Considers himself as Silver's best friend, and is actually his cousin. Extremely cheerful, happy go lucky, a bit of a pervert, with an obsession with H-games. Envisions himself as a "knight in shining armor". Comes from a family of doctors and is trying his damndest to be one himself.

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