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May 17th, 2012, 5:51 am


Yeesh has it been that long since I updated?! Anyway, um.. I'm back? To the fans who didn't un-fan my comic, and patiently waited for an update to no avail, I am so sorry!!!

The truth is I've been busy like heck for the past years. Just trying to set up my practice as a doctor, and finish all the other crap that real life throws at you. I feel terrible for not updating this long. In fact, the comic has been out of my mind for so long that I sort of forgot the story (hence I'm re-reading it all over again)

IN any case I believe its time for a much needed re-vamp. So while I'm revamping, (which will take around 2 weeks or so, since I'll restart and re-write some of the previous chapters), feel free to visit my hopefully-will-be-a-short-story Gestalt (http://gestalt1945.smackjeeves.com).

Thanks again everyone. See you soon! (I promise)

For more news, and random stuff no one will be interested in, I can be contacted via twitter at twitter.com/cubbilicious.


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